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Through our core notifications technology, Parlant™ has been helping organizations to dramatically improve their ability to keep everyone informed when, where, and how they need it most. With millions of users in a variety of industries, Parlant brands are playing a critical role in enhancing human interaction worldwide.

13 Million Accounts

across the world

14,000 organizations

use a Parlant brand

24 years

of innovation and excellence

A family of solutions.

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Helping K-12 schools bring parents, schools, and the public together to build student success, ParentLink™ provides award-winning all-in-one communication systems for school districts.

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MemberSpark™ provides an infrastructure where associations and their members can receive push notifications, read messages, read industry news, access forms, review calendars, register for events, and so much more – all from within a single mobile app.

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Cloudspeaker™’s mobile app for residents is the easiest way for your community to stay informed. By consolidating public news feeds, social media, and calendars, residents will find it easier than ever to get involved, resulting in a strong community.

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We are constantly looking for new members of our team for all aspects of Parlant. Email us at and we can discuss the positions and opportunities we can offer you.

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  • "I look forward to coming into work every day.  Parlant has given me the tools necessary for me to succeed as well as create an amazing work environment.   A few things that attracted me the most were the people and the product.  I truly feel that Parlant provides a service that benefits people in many capacities and I am proud to be a part of it."

    Phil M.
    Phil M.Sales
  • "Working for Parlant has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has not only developed my effectiveness as an employee, but it has helped me grow as an individual. I never want to submit a resume to a different employer again. I'm here to stay!"

    Scott M.
    Scott M.Support
  • "While the company has grown since I started and continues to grow, it's still small enough that I get to work on a wide range of problems and areas of the product. The opportunity to work daily on something making a positive contribution to society was a huge draw for me. I've been able to direct my career into the areas that interest me. I've honestly felt like the people that I've worked with care about the well-being of the person in addition to the company."

    Tyson H.
    Tyson H.Development
  • "You can tell the CEO really cares about the people he's working with. Although it's a business, we really take the time to make sure our customers are taken care of and treated well. I think that's how every company should be run. Whenever I configure an app and see it roll-out I get happy to think of all the great things the people that download it are going to have at their fingertips! It really is exciting!"  

    Danny N.
    Danny N.App Configuration
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